About the Blog:

First comes love …

The comes marriage …

… then comes multiple miscarriages?

About me:

I have been trying to conceive (or “ttc” for those of you that know the lingo) since March 2006. I had taken the pill for 10+ years so getting pregnant just meant not using birth control, right? (Universe: HA!!)

I first got pregnant in August of 2006 and had my first miscarriage at 10 weeks in October 2006. (Universe: “Two words for ya kiddo: Blighted Ovum!!”)

I got pregnant a second time in April of 2007 and had my second miscarriage at 7 weeks and change in June of 2007. (Universe: New and Improved — this time with non-viable fetal heart rate!!)

I have fancy letters after my name.

I teach at a university in the northeastern U.S.

I wanted to cry when my 19-year-old student told me she was missing class due to morning sickness, but I didn’t.

Contact me:

rizusensei at gmail dot com


  1. artsweet replied:

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. missedconceptions replied:

    Thanks, ArtSweet (or is it Artsweet?)!!

    This is cheap therapy, and my little personal mission to get people to talk about miscarriage more openly, although I am probably preaching to the choir.

  3. Artblog replied:

    This cheap therapy works. Having done the expensive kind, I guarantee it 🙂 Welcome!

  4. katie replied:

    Hello, and welcome to my world…

  5. Karen replied:

    I love your blog. Keep writing. I check every day to see if you wrote anything. I suffered two miscarriages myself. Unfortunately, due to fibroids the size of Texas I have a hysterectomy on the horizon. Not a candidate for any of those new fancy techiques that ends the fibroid problem.

    I have my fingers crossed for you!

  6. Erin replied:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I am in my early thirties and am trying to conceive. Congratulations and all the best with your pregnancy.

    I had one question… Is ‘anti-mimetic’ an intentional typo? I’m a Registered Nurse, thus my interest.

  7. missedconceptions replied:


    Nope, not an intentional typo — just an error! My spell-check never caught it, so I never realized I was adding another “m.” Now I will go correct everything….


  8. H replied:

    Thank you for your site. I miscarried in the end of October, D & C on Nov 1. I’ve just found out today that this month didn’t work (BFN at 14 DPO) and was feeling down. Reading through your past posts and your wonderfully dry sense of humor has helped a lot. I wish you luck in your pregnancy, and by the way, I discovered yesterday that getting a manicure/pedicure midweek in the morning is a terrible place in terms of encountering pregnant women. I counted 4 out of a total of 8 clients. Unexpectedly painful, needless to say. Anyways… good luck! Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Jess replied:

    I just read the entire blog and it really affected me. I am 32, I just had my first miscarriage and subsequent D&C a week ago after five years of trying and previously failed IVF. I am at the bitter and hormonally insane stage post D&C and your ‘attempts at humor’ category made me laugh for the first time in a week. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work with your wee beastie and your writing. You’ve given me hope

  10. bibomedia.com replied:


  11. Beth replied:

    Hi there! Your blog is great, and your humor is appreciated.

    I’m 34, have had 3 miscarriages and am about ready to start another IVF cycle. I’ve done the IM progesterone, Lovenox, baby aspirin, etc., but I am really curious about the HCG injections you mentioned. Could you enlighten me, please? (My RE just loves it when I ask about something he did not come up with first. LOL)

    Best wishes to you…

  12. Pamela replied:

    I stumbled across your blog and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate your humor. I recently miscarried at 12 weeks so I could totally relate to your recent blog describing the baby store returns. There are times I want to say something rude to stop people in their tracks and make them feel as uncomfortable as they have made me. I refrain though – so far.

  13. Honi replied:

    I stumbled on your blog after trolling around looking for a witty and empathetic blog about miscarriage. I recently suffered my ninth miscarriage and fluctuate between feeling slightly crazy, numb, raw, cynical, optimistic and crushed. Your blog is a balm, your humor is refreshing and exactly what my aching heart has been craving. Thank you for your wit and for sharing your life.

  14. me replied:

    I have read your blog from beginning to end in like a day. I’ve had 2 miscarriages, and I’m freaking out about trying for a third time (doctor says I’m fine, I don’t trust him, but what else can I do?)
    I love your blog, you’re the only person who has managed to bring out a laugh out this devastating experience, and I really wish you all the best with this pregnancy.
    thank you, seriously.

  15. Lisa replied:

    thank you so much for writing this blog. I miscarried months ago (blighted ovum!) and I’m now at the point where I feel like people don’t understand why I’m not ‘over it’.

    thank you so much for this.

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