I Heart Zofran

I have stayed in bed most of today and most of this week, except when I have to drag myself to campus to teach class, because I am so. very. nauseated. I have the dry heaves most of the day and while not actually vomiting, I feel like if I let my guard down, it will be all over. I hate to throw-up, so this is an exercise in sheer force of will. This is all, of course, while on the Zofran. Without the Zofran, there would be no contest.

I still have free stuff to send to people (I did not forget!!), a meme I was tagged for, and a shitload of work to do before the end of the semester. For now, my goal is just to make it through the day and not throw up.

The good news is that I am 9+ weeks pregnant, wee-beastie, as far as I know, is still alive, and this queasiness is so all-consuming that I do not have the energy to obsessively worry over the fate of this pregnancy.

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Pay It Forward

I was a winner of Niobe’s give-away so it is now my turn to pay it forward.


The only rule is that if you “win” you need to make the same offer available on your own blog.  (Oh, and if you win, you also need to give me your snail-mail address.  I will e-mail you for it if you are a winner.)  (Wait, YOU ARE ALL WINNERS.  What I meant was if you are a winner of this particular contest.)  

The first five people who self-nominate themselves in the comments section win!

Here is what I will not mail you:

1) The negative pregnancy test I impulsively took today at 7dpo.

2) Any negative pregnancy tests for that matter.

3) Anything that you pee on.

4) Anything that will remind you of miscarriage, dead babies, or other sad things.

5) Dental floss.

October 24, 2007. Meme-y Goodness. 8 comments.

8 Things About Me

As it was Fertility Eve, I was grading my midterms (26 all-essay undergraduate exams) in order to prepare for our week o’lovin and, as luck would have it, Ms. Planner also nominated me for the “8 Things About Me” meme. I am done with all my grading, we are lovin’ed out, and now I finally have time to post this.

Thing #1: I applied to and almost went to the U.S. Naval Academy. I did get a congressional nomination, but, alas, I did not get in because I wear glasses and did not qualify for a vision waver. In hindsight, it would have been an awful fit. At the time, I was devastated. Now, people that know me think this is hilarious because it was obviously such a spectacularly bad idea.

Thing #2: I was raised Episcopalian. My husband is Jewish. We will raise any future children (should we ever get to that point) as secular humanists.

Thing #3: I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies. Seriously. Not the computer kind, but the real kind: pens, sticky notes, folders, notebooks, etc…. I could easily drop hundreds and hundreds of dollars in an office supply score and spend the rest of the day giggling gleefully over my purchases.

Thing #4: I am 5’9″. I have been this height since I was 12 and no, junior high was not fun. Now, I wish I were taller by just a few more inches. I think 5’11” sounds like a lovely height — tall enough to be tall but not quite 6′ tall. In the meanwhile, I am 5’11” in my “power boots.”

Things #5: I do not regularly wear shoes that cost less than $100. My favorite brands are Dansko, Paul Green, and Cole Haan. I really want to wear high heels as I appreciate their aesthetic, but I have very little tolerance for discomfort.

Thing #6: My husband and I were married by a female judge. Neither one of us cared where we got married and we did not want a religious ceremony (although the same can not be said for my uber-WASPy parents). I also do not believe in engagement rings, but if I tell you why, you will think that I sound like a raving crazy because I will use words like “patriarchal,” “commodity” and “superficial expression of emotion.” Not wanting a huge diamond apparently makes me a bad WASP. Instead we spent money on a 10-day honeymoon in Paris.

Thing #7: I once watched “That 70’s Show” so often that I regularly had dreams I was a cast member. I was always Hyde’s girlfriend, but I also got along really well with Donna.

Thing #8: I am a complete slob and an utter perfectionist. An unlikely combination, I know, but I think that I so completely anal-retentively obsess over some things that I have no time or energy to care about others. In my public life I think I come across as very organized; my living room, bookshelves, and bedroom are, however, a complete cluttered mess. The kitchen is only clean because Mr. MC keeps it that way.

I now nominate Babystep for the “8 Things About Me” meme. Babystep, you’re IT!!

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