I am Weak

I was riding home on the bus and the urge to pee on a stick was just overwhelming.

I knew it was too early, but I just couldn’t help myself.

My cheapo tests are not here yet so I used a First Response ( = $$) to test on 7-8 dpo.

I know this is not going to shock you, but it was negative.

Then I ripped the test apart and really looked at it.

Still negative.

I hate the two-week-wait; it turns me into a lunatic.

(… and then I went upstairs and fished it out of the garbage to have another look.  Still negative.  Pathetic. )

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Blasphemy, I Tell You

I do not know exactly where I am in this cycle.  I think right now I am about 5 or 6 days past ovulation.  I am itching to test already.  I have some of the expensive tests upstairs but I wanted some cheap ones so that I could start testing on Wednesday (which will be 9-10 days past ovulation) before my trip to NYC.  I went to the Dollar Tree to buy their super-reliable-yet-conveniently-inexpensive tests.  They were out.  OUT!  As in, not a one of them in sight.  I searched everywhere.   I moved boxes and boxes of dollar douche.  Nothing.  Nada.

They are still available on their website, but I think ordering a box of 72 might be overkill.

How can the Dollar Tree be OUT of pregnancy tests?  Where are all the teen-age mothers and I in my town to obtain our super-reliable-yet-conveniently-inexpensive HPTs?  Blasphemy, I tell you.

p.s. I went on-line and ordered some from Babyhopes.com.  I will not test until they arrive.  I will not test until they arrive.  I will not test until they arrive.

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Give the Lady What She Wants

… except that she doesn’t know what she wants.

I honestly don’t know what to think.  I am mostly likely not pregnant, but I could be.

The odds are against it.  I know this.  Yet, unprotected sex on day 12 (I thought it was day 13; I had miscounted) when you have regular 30-day cycles is a “highly fertile” time.   Besides, I tend to defy the odds.

I don’t know if I want to be pregnant or not.

I have a great plan to lose weight.  I am still 30+ lbs heavier than I was when I got pregnant with S and I really want to get rid what I am now referring to as “breastfeeding weight.”  I don’t fit in any clothes and I don’t recognize myself when I look in the mirror.  Who wants to start a pregnancy weighing the most they have ever weighed?  The weight is coming off but slowly.   Very, very, very slowly.

A positive pregnancy test also does not mean baby.  I could have another miscarriage.  I could have hyperemesis again.   I could vomit and vomit and vomit and still have a miscarriage.  I don’t “do” pregnancy well.  Yet, I look at S and know it was all worth it.

I don’t know what I want.  I think — if this is even possible — that a negative test would leave me utterly relieved  and very disappointed.

I am supposed to take a group of students to Europe in May.  I have already figured out an EDD to make sure I could board an international flight.  I would be 32 weeks, which would make travel doable but probably rather uncomfortable.   I feel ridiculous for looking up an EDD for a pregnancy that does not even exist yet.

I also HATE the two-week wait.

I am trying to focus on other things and failing miserably.

Here is what I do know: I am not going to test for 10 more days.

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So, Um, Yeah, Wow (Updated)

How’s this for funny? I am in the 2ww.  Yep.

No, it wasn’t on purpose; it just kinda … happened.  I didn’t really even think anything of it until I realized I was on day 13 of my cycle and we had not used a condom.  Oops.

Statistically, of course, you have only a 20% chance of getting pregnant for any given cycle, even with perfect timing.

It’s just that it would be fantastically bad timing for me professionally and thus I am preparing myself.  I know the odds are against me, but it only takes one time and, for me, the one time in my life I have unprotected sex while not actively trying to get pregnant … well, it feels like I just tempted fate.

I started taking baby aspirin, took some extra folic acid along with my usual prenatal, and bought some pregnancy tests at Target.  So, um, yeah, wow.

Update:  I leave for NYC on the 13th of November for what was supposed to be a raucous good time, complete with lots of gin and tonics.  I will test on the 12th, which will be about 13 dpo, to see if I can, um, drink.

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And Now, Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Level of Anxiety

For Thanksgiving, we went to visit family in a big(ger) city.  Outside of this city is a kick-ass medical facility where a bunch of kick-ass doctors work.  My kick-ass mother-in-law was able to call in a favor with her kick-ass neighbor, who happens to also be a doctor at this medical facility, and get Baby S an appointment with one of the top pediatric neurologists in the U.S. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

In short, Baby S is going to be fine.  He has a shudder which will go away on its own by the time he is one, if not before.

Yes, we went out of network and will probably pay a small fortune for the second opinion, but it sure as heck is better than just sitting around for four months wondering if there is a serious problem with my kick-ass baby.

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Other Shoe Perched Precariously on Ledge

It’s not bad news.  It’s not good news, either, but I am trying (and mostly failing) to focus on the fact that it is not bad news.

Baby S had to go and see a pediatric neurologist today.  At his 4-month check up, his pediatrician noticed that he had some shaking when he sat up.  He thought they may have been mild seizures and requested an EEG and pulled some strings to forgo the usual 6-month wait to see the specialist.

The EEG was normal.  He is not having seizures.  The neurologist confirmed this today.

Mr. MC and I had both noticed the shakiness, or “trembling” as the doctor called it today, but we assumed it was just muscle fatigue.  The trembling began when he started holding his head up and then moved into his shoulders and arms when he began to hold his torso up.  It is worse when he is tired or has been sitting up for a while.

The neurologist said it was not muscle fatigue.  He does not know what it is, exactly.  The rest of his neurological exam was normal, so we are to come back in four months and by then it will either have resolved itself or other symptoms will have presented themselves and he will be better able to make a diagnosis.

I hate to wait.  HATE IT.  I waited so long for this baby, my beautiful baby boy, and now I have to wait to see if there is something wrong with him?

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I want to cry.  I want to hold him and never let go.  I want the doctor to call back and tell me that Baby S will be fine and this is nothing to worry about.  I want my baby to be fine and perfect and healthy.

Instead, I am going to take a shower and go teach a class.  Baby S is with my mom, who is no doubt showering him with her usual love and affection.  I really want to cancel class, but I think I need to get my mind off of this for a little while.


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I thought my ulcerative colitis was getting better, but now it is undeniably getting worse.

I have been taking the full retinue of my colitis medicine for two weeks, and usually it has started working by now. I even took 15mg of prednisone (the dreaded steroid) this evening — desperate times.

I am torn because I was having colitis issues right before my first pregnancy, and as soon as I was 2 weeks along, it threw me right into remission. Most doctors, however, do not recommend trying to conceive while actively in a flare because there is a chance that pregnancy can make it worse. It was only one month ago that my poop doctor actually advised me to get pregnant as soon as possible because my blood chemistry was so good.

I am on cycle day 3 so I have about a week to get this flare under control. Stress is not good for colitis, so I can not stress about getting this flare under control.


I am completely off of caffeine for the short-term, though. It is bad for colitis and bad for fertility.

Part deux:

The absolute worst way to try and not to worry about something is to tell yourself that worrying about it will only make it worse. I feel quite awful, and I have so much work to do. This was supposed to be one of those productive weekends; instead I laid around in bed, except, of course, when I was in the bathroom.

The thought of having to wait another month before trying again makes me frantic and depressed. I feel like all I have done is wait. If it is grammatically possible to even say this, I am all waited out. I got my period after miscarriage #2 on July 10. It is now October 7th and for one reason or another, we only “tried” in August. It’s not that our excuses weren’t good — waiting for the thyroid medicine to kick in, hospitalization for a collapsed lung, etc… — but I just can not wait any longer. This is not even waiting for a healthy baby. This is waiting for the opportunity to try for something that has only a 1/5 chance of actually working, then waiting to see if it worked, then waiting to see if it sticks, then waiting to see if everything is okay so far — and that is only the first 6 weeks.

My therapist says that I believe in “magical thinking.” I feel that if I worry/obsess over something enough, I can effect the outcome; if I don’t, bad things will happen due to my lack of attention. It sounded weird when she said it, but I guess it is true. When I let my guard down, when I dare to be happy for a pregnancy or a long period of remission, bad things do happen, it seems. Perhaps it is more comforting to think that I did something to cause it instead of the reality that bad things just happen. Perhaps it gives me fleeting sense of control?

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Very Boring

You know what is boring?

Someone who is trying to get pregnant who is not actually actively trying to get pregnant.

The colitis is calming down, now that I am taking all my colitis medicine (supplementing with extra folic acid, of course) and not taking my baby aspirin.  I have had to cut out coffee and cut down in the dairy, but I think I caught this before it got out of control.  I hope, at least.

Mr. MC is doing better everyday, and had his stitches taken out Thursday.  He is weening off the pain medicine, and hopes to be back at work next week.  The RE’s nurse, when asked about Mr. MC’s pain-killer and anesthesia, was not concerned as long as they were not “radioactive.”  You mean radioactive substances are not good while trying to conceive?  Well, I’ll be damned.  You learn something every day.

I am also reminded that the two-week-wait is nothing when there is no chance you could be pregnant.  I am at 10dpo and I am just waiting for the PMS craziness to set it instead of obsessing over negative pregnancy tests.  The tww is just a serious mind-fuck.

The other good news is that if you are not pregnant, you can’t have another miscarriage.

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Fallout (or The Revenge of the Angry Colon)

Things are actually much better with Mr. MC and the animals, so now my colon has decided that it is really craving some attention. It is acting up; cue ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Usually after an stressful or emotional time, my gastro-intestinal system takes a week to get angry at me. The past few days I have noticed that things were, uh, not headed in a good direction (gas, bloating, etc…) but today it was undeniable that something not good is happening.

We are taking off this month anyway, so I popped my colitis medicine to see if I can get this thing under control as soon as possible. If my colitis is flaring, trying to conceive is out of the question, so here’s hoping it will calm back down in a few days. I also need to completely cut out the caffeine, both for fertility and for colon-happiness.

I also have to call my RE and see if Mr. MC’s regular use of painkillers could pose any sort of problem for next cycle. I assume everything will be okay, but I just want to hear that the RE is not concerned. Mr. MC really needs them, and if we need to wait longer, we certainly will.

I have waited over a year to get pregnant with a healthy baby — in the larger scheme of things what is a few more months?

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My Ovaries Just Like Books

No, my ovaries did not read the latest Harry Potter nor are they up to speed on Freakonomics. They like textbooks, specifically medical textbooks that think every single woman in the world ovulates on day 14, and has a perfect 28-day cycle.

Usually, I am a late ovulator but through the wonder of acupuncture, vitex, and a new cycle pattern post-miscarriage #2, I am going to have a perfect day 14 ovulation and, because my luteal-phase is 14 days, a perfect 28-day cycle.

I got a positive OPK yesterday and my temperature was still low this morning, so I probably ovulated today — textbook perfect.

My Ovusoft thinks our timing was the “best” possible (the other options being “low” and “good”) so as soon as my temperature goes up, I will officially be in the two-week wait. As anyone who has ever lived through the dreaded two-week wait, time slows to a screeching halt. It really is a form of torture.

Things I have going for me this cycle: lower thyroid levels (better fertility); second post-HSG cycle (higher pregnancy rates up to 3 months later); confirmation that my husband has super-sperm (which we suspected but now know); weekly acupuncture treatments for the past 6 weeks for fertility.

And now we wait.

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Things That Piss Me Off (8/17/07 Edition)

1. Another negative OPK test.

2. Cramping on my left side that feels like ovary pain, but could be something else.

3. Spotting mid-cycle.

4. Knowing that there is nothing seriously wrong with my bajingo & co. (given how much it has been photographed in the past few months), that it is probably just a cyst, and that it will most likely go away on its own.

5. News reports that talk about the baby boom in Denver after a blizzard 9 months ago. They interviewed several women who just “needed to keep warm” or were “bored.” Then they had sex without birth control, got pregnant, and had healthy babies.

6. Did I mention the weird pain on my LH side? Last time I had this pain it was a minor cyst that resolved in a few weeks. Of course, it could also be something more exotic, like a perforated bowel.

7. Spotting mid-cycle can be a sign that you are “fertile” but not if your stupid OPK has not turned positive. If you bleed a little after you ovulate, it may be just from ovulation itself. If you bleed before ovulation, you are clearly a freak and probably have a perforated bowel, or something like that.

8. The fact that I have walked around all morning not realizing that my t-shirt was see-through.

9. OPKs that have a second line that looks really, really dark, but isn’t quite yet positive.

10. Ragweed. I hate it. I am highly allergic to it. It is blooming, making my sinuses unhappy, and thus making me unhappy.

11. Swallowing my Mucinex, running out of beverage, having it sit on my tongue and dissolve a little, gagging (it tastes awful), running to get more beverage, and finally rinsing it down, but not before the nasty taste has permeated my entire mouth. Then being stupid enough to repeat the entire scenario 4 hours later.

12. RE’s offices who don’t call you back with lab results and then, when you finally get them on the phone, realize that the lab did not do all the tests that were requested, because their office wrote down the procedure codes instead of the names of the tests.

13. Having to go back to the vampires to have more blood drawn to retest what the lab didn’t test in the first place, because my RE’s office wrote down the procedure codes instead of the names of the tests.

14. People who work at labs who are too fucking lazy to look up what their own procedure codes mean.

15. Realizing that my dry OPK now really, really looks like the two lines are the same color.

16. Not having someone here to ask if the OPK lines are the same color and realizing that asking your male teen-age neighbor is probably very tacky.

17. People who Google “female hormones for sissy husband” and get this blog. Actually, I don’t mind that they get this blog so much as what they are Googling. I mean if he is super-sissy, do you think he needs female hormones? (Then again, female hormones, or an excess of certain kinds, make me a huge bitch.  Maybe that is what she was after?)

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Another Exciting Episode of “As the Luteinizing Hormone Rises”

I just took my second OPK of the day (because I am super-anal very thorough) and it is still negative. At least today they are obviously negative, so I did not have to induce a case of near pee-stick induced blindness.

I am only on cycle day 11, so I am still on track to have that perfect day 14 ovulation, but I just wish I would go ahead and ovulate already. I am so tired of waiting, period. (Not to be confused with waiting for my period, which is a different form of torture.)

I have this new fear that ovulating late (this last pregnancy I ovulated on day 20 of my cycle; the previous pregnancy was day 16) is causing my miscarriages. There is no real medical evidence that this is the case, but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about it. Stupid Dr. Google. My thyroid is a much more likely culprit, I know, but I can’t stop this irrational fear from filling my head now that the thyroid is under control.

My other worry: I will have to go on antibiotics for my brewing sinus infection. I know a lot of people do not like antibiotics, but I am now really, really wary of them. I have had c-diff and I have colitis, so antibiotics wreck havoc on my gastrointestinal system. If my colitis flares, I can not try and get pregnant. Aaaaaaack. Until then, I will keep taking guaifenesin (for my nose, not my bajingo), doing my saline nasal rinses, and sleeping away most of the day.

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South Beached Whale

I have been on the South Beach diet for 2.5 weeks and have lost a whopping 6lbs. I think this is good, but when you start out at such a high number, 6lbs. seems like nothing. Oh, and my husband managed to lose twice that amount in the same 2.5 weeks.

I only cheated during the first two weeks by accident: I didn’t realize raisins were a no-no until the book arrived in the mail and I thought tapioca (in my sugar-free bubble tea) was a vegetable. (Guess what? Tapioca is a starch.) Aside from those two incidents, I have been really, really good.

I know that men tend to lose weight faster (no estrogen) and that I am still contending with a hypothyroid, but I still wish the weight just melted away. I wish I were 12lbs. lighter, too. Between the steroids for colitis and the hypothyroid, my metabolism is sluggish. My thyroid book recommends weight-training, which I actually enjoy, to help kick-start your metabolism. I will go tonight to the gym.

I am now onto Phase II of South Beach where you start to add back “good” carbohydrates. This is good because it gives you more culinary options but bad because it slows down the weight loss. Yesterday morning I made oatmeal, which is allowed, but only if it is not instant. (It took 30-minutes to cook my “Irish porridge” and while stirring it I pretended I was a super-fertile Irish house-wife and this was a nourishing meal for my enormous family.) It was delicious with skim-milk and sugar-free syrup.

I don’t feel all that big but when I see pictures of myself, I think I look like a beached whale — a South Beached whale. I also do not want to buy any more clothes, so I am hoping the weight continues to come off.

Unless I get pregnant, of course.

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Spot On

I have been stuck in menstruation purgatory for three full days. It is awful. I have the whole battery of PMS symptoms — headache, sore breasts, cramping, fatigue, bloating, moodiness — but usually this lasts one day, and I am now on day four.

Oh, and I am spotting. Just enough to make me think the end is near, and then stopping to demonstrate that it is not.

I have never wanted my period to start more than I do right now. I am tired of the PMS and I am tired of waiting for a new cycle. I am also really craving carbohydrates, which are a no-no for at least another week.

I have lost five pounds, however.

3:11PM:  HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!   I have never been so glad to need a maxi pad.  The trick to getting your period to start?  Wear white/light khaki pants.  That’ll do it every time.

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The Long and Winding … Cycle

My laptop was in the laptop-hospital for 3.5 weeks. Waaaaaay longer that it should have taken, yes. Supposedly I spilled something in/on my keyboard and it was causing an electrical short. The funny thing is, one would think one would remember spilling something in/on one’s own keyboard, no?

Here is how pathetic I am. What I missed most about my laptop was the fact that it is the only computer that has my Ovusoft program on it. I have more than gotten my money’s worth out of it, as I am now on cycle #16. I like it much better than Fertility Friend for charting stuff, and it helps me keep track of all the medicine I take every day. It also allows you to print out your monthly charts and take them with you to the doctor (my OB and my acupuncturist are both pro-BBT, my RE wants me to use OPKs; I am super-anal-retentive an overachiever and I do both).

I started taking my temp on day 5 of this cycle. We are not trying this cycle, but after 15 cycles, it is really nice to know where you are in your cycle on any given day and when you need to stuff your purse full of feminine sanitary products. I had to write everything down on paper (quel horreur!!) and plug it in once I got my laptop back. It was then I realized that I really should have ovulated by now. Like, more than a week ago. I am currently on cycle day 22 and there is not even the slightest suggestion of a temperature rise. I even did an OPK (ovulation predictor kit) the past two nights and nothing. My LP (luteal-phase) is always 14 days on the nose (you learn a lot when you obsess over pay attention to the minute details of your menstrual cycle), so I am looking at a cycle that is, at the very minimum, 36 days long, assuming I even ovulate.

This didn’t happen after my first miscarriage and I realized why: I started popping FertilAid as soon as the bleeding stopped after the D&C (I can even tell you exact date I tool the first pill because it is all recorded in my software). My first post-miscarriage cycle was 32 days long and my second was 28 days on the nose, with a text-book perfect ovulation on day 14. My cycles stayed nearly this pretty as long as I stayed on the FertilAid and went regularly to acupuncture. This time, even though I have been going to acupuncture once a week, my first post-D&C cycle was 36 days long and this one is only going to be longer. I do think the FertilAid is what made a huge difference. The active ingredient is Vitex (also called Chasteberry) and it is a heck of a lot cheaper just to buy Vitex and take it along with my pre-natal vitamin.

I went to what my husband and I call the “hippie-vitamin store” and bought myself some Vitex. I just popped two 400-mg (the recommended dosage per the bottle) and while I don’t have much hope for this cycle, hopefully it will kick in by next cycle. In the meanwhile, I am going to keep taking my temperature, popping my Vitex, and waiting to see if I even ovulate this cycle, right after I go stuff my purse with tampons and pads.

PLEASE NOTE: Neither Ovusoft nor FertilAid offered any form of financial support for singing the praises of their product. However, should someone representing either of those brands chose to do so, I am more than happy to consider accepting a small token of your appreciation. (Hmmmmm … whatever would I like? Hey, how about a healthy baby?!?!)

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Medium Term

When I first started trying to get pregnant, I thought it might take a few months.  Once I got that coveted BFP (“big-fat positive” on a pregnancy test), it would be about another nine months until I would have a baby.  This was good: I could estimate, I could plan.  Well, here I sit, well over a year later, waiting for my first post-D&C period.  The worst part is, aside from obvioulsy being post-miscarriage, is that I have no idea how to plan for my future in the medium term.  I like to plan; it makes me feel more in control.  How do you plan for the future when you realize that so much of it is out of your control?  Do you live your life as if you might be pregnant when you very well might not be? 

When I was first pregnant, I had a trip to Europe already planned.  I would have been 7 months in March, and my OB did not think that was such a great idea.  She said we would adopt a “wait and see” approach.  Well, two weeks later I had my first D&C, so travel to Europe while pregnant was a moot point.  I went and was glad I had not cancelled everything, because it gave me something to do to take my mind off of my crushing grief. 

Here I sit, trying to decide whether to plan another trip to Europe.  (These trips are for work — I am not laying around eating bon-bons, although that sounds lovely, doesn’t it?)  I feel like I should plan it, even if I end up having to cancel it because I am too round and pregnant next March to sit in coach on an international flight.   I hate having to anticipate where I will be in 6+ months.  The answer is that I have no idea, and that stresses me out.  It could take me 6 months to even get pregnant, and who is to say that this time will be different and I will have an actual baby? 

I feel comfortable living in the next few weeks.  The short term does not scare me; I have a plan and I feel somewhat in control.  I hope that in two years I have a baby, either because I birth one or I adopt one.  It is the time between two weeks and two years — the medium term — that scares the crap out of me. 

 Waiting around is not for sissies. 

July 8, 2007. Waiting Around is Not For Sissies. 2 comments.

The Plan

I got a cancellation appointment with our local RE, Dr. Short-But-Sweet, next Monday.  We have not had a chance to run any of the tests yet, save for our karyotyping, but I will show him what my OB has ordered and see what he wants to do.  I also want to ask him about my weight and when I can/should start trying to get pregnant again.

I bought a pedometer and am going to try and take 10,000 steps a day.  I don’t mind going to the gym when it is cold outside, but it seems wrong to exercise inside when the weather is nice.  I will still need to go the gym to lift weights, but I will do my cardio outside in the sunshine (with proper SPF on, of course). 

I am limiting myself to one Diet Coke a day and am trying to drink sparkling water or Arizona Green Tea the rest of the day.  Yeah, there are probably better things for me than Arizona Green Tea, but the bottle is pretty, it tastes good, and it is certainly better for me than Diet Coke.  Next week, I might try and give up the Diet Coke completely.   

I started acupuncture to help regulate (or re-regulate) my hormones.  Last Friday was my first appointment and I will go once a week.  Once I get the karyotyping back (to see if the miscarriage can easily be attributed to chromosomal abnormalites), we will proceed to herbs and/or different acupuncture points.  The two times I got pregnant was when I did acupuncture to boost fertility, and it also helps with my colitis.  Even if it is hocus-pocus (and I don’t believe it is) it is super-relaxing and that is never a bad thing. 

I am thinking about doing either yoga or aikido.  I have done yoga but never aikido, and I am leaning towards something new and different.  However, yoga is definitely more pregnancy-friendly, which is probably a better long-term choice.      

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Wait is a Four Letter Word

I am in a holding pattern: waiting, waiting, and more waiting.

I am still waiting for the embryonic karyotyping results. I went to my OB today for my post-D&C visit but she did not have the results back yet.

My husband and I gave our blood today for our karyotyping, but we will need to wait several weeks to get the results back.

Now I wait for my post-D&C period. I still had a faintly positive pregnancy test last night, so I assume I will be waiting for at least 2-3 more weeks.

Then, once my period arrives, I need to call my OB and schedule a sonohystogram to check for any uterine abnormalities. She wants to do it as soon as my period ends, so I should not have to wait more than a week to have the procedure.

Once I have my period, I then have to wait until day 22 to get the rest of my blood work done, as she needs a progesterone level. This is when they will also run the fancy “miscarriage panel.”

I have to then wait for all the test results to come back.

I am still waiting to see the RE, but I can start calling next week to see if I can get put on their “cancellation waiting list” for an earlier appointment.

Once I have the results back, I have to wait until the end of that cycle before I can start trying to get pregnant again.

Then I have to wait to ovulate.

Then I have the evilest monster of all: the two-week wait.

Then I have to get pregnant, which will probably be another few months of waiting.

The optimist in me says: “then I have to wait 9 months to meet my baby.

The pessimist in me says: “then I have to wait 6 weeks to schedule another D&C.

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